We lost our firstborn daughter Ella Rae on 10-11-12, she was stillborn. Ella was due on February 11th 2013. I started this blog to establish some kind of mile-marker of our pain and our grief. A little more about Jason and I–we have been married for 4 years now, and live in beautiful Northern Michigan. I am a singer-songwriter, and Jason works for General Motors in interaction design. We have been forever changed by the death of Ella, and we hope to bring some kind of healing to others through it. When we found out there was no heartbeat, we prayed–Jason began to proclaim the faithfulness and goodness of God…I want even my pain and suffering to point to Him–for I truly believe he feels our pain.


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  1. I love the Jetty. I know that you have gone through is nothing that can be totally explained. You and Jason are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. I wish I could take away the pain for even a split second, I really do. I know I’m just a fan of your work, but I almost feel through your music and blog as though I am part of your family. You and Jason are both amazing people and Ella and Beck could not have more loving and kind, and awesome, parents.


  2. I was on Mackinaw Island with my daughter and listened to you sing in Marquette Park I knew when I heard you I was in Love with your voice and felt a special connection to your music. I did buy one of your cd’s and listened to it in the car today, I then wished I would have bought all of them. Tonight I found your Blog, dedicated to Honoring your Daughter Ella and started reading about your pain and grief. I now know I was meant to hear you that evening on Mackinaw!! I lost my daughter Maria, May 15, 2014. Maria was 27 years old and died in a car accident. Our trip to Mackinaw was a spur of the moment decision to “get away.” I didn’t “know where” or ” for how long” I just told my daughter, Sophia, pack ….I don’t know where we are going or for how long. I have 5 children, Maria being the second oldest and Sophia the youngest at 16 years old. My family and I were in Mackinaw 3 years ago with Maria. I have only read a few of your entries but in reading them I have found myself. I am still very new to the gut wrenching loss of losing my daughter and Best friend and struggle to find meaning to my days. Maria had a deep Faith and kept many journals of her extraordinary relationship with God. So even though, I know she is not missing me and she is in complete Love and Peace, I have to find reason to go on without her. I will continue to read and want to thank you for opening your soul to others!!! ~ Colleen Boggiano

    • Colleen, thank you for reminding me why I started this blog in the first place. I have been feeling very stuck lately, and I feel like you sharing your story and your daughter Maria with me has helped unplug something in me. I am so sorry that your daughter is not here…but you are SO right, she is in completeness. I am sure you are still very much in shock…slowly your heart, and brain are letting the immense pain and loss in. It is a process everyday. Let yourself feel everything you need to feel…and I am glad you have the ultimate HOPE-Jesus. I TRY to cry on his shoulder…I am learning still. Maria will be waiting…Sending all my love.

  3. No words can begin to express the sorrow but the heartfelt sound in your voice echoes in the deep caverns of my soul. My daughter is home safe with the Lord. It has been twenty years and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for His little ambassador blessing my life and the lives she touched. My deep, silent prayers for His strength to always guide you through our muddy world.

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